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Fall Activities

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Late Fall 2002 Session: November 4-December 21

Board Game Buddies, Tuesdays, 3-5

Teens visit, play board games, and socialize with the senior residents of the Merry Gardens Estates in Camden, making special friends in the process.

Games People Play, Tuesdays, 3-4:30

Project Adventure games allow everyone to win! Youth use teamwork and cooperation to cross “toxic waste pits,” complete challenge puzzles, pass every member through a huge spider web, and participate in many other fun, challenging games and initiatives. Meets at the Rockland Recreation Center.

Cold Noses Warm Hearts, Thursdays, 2:30-4:30

Youth learn responsible pet care as they work with local animal shelters, walking dogs, grooming and caring for cats, and then take shelter animals to a local senior facility for visitation. This activity is being offered only to Thomaston Grammar School students during this session.

Computer Coaching, Thursdays, 2:45-4:15

Youth with computer experience help the senior residents at Bartlett Woods Retirement Community learn to access the Internet, send email, and use computer software. 

Community Gardening Program, Mondays 3-5

The Youthlinks Community Garden grows vegetables to donate to area homeless shelters, soup kitchens, and food pantries. Last year we donated 2000 pounds of food to those in need. 

Cooking from Around the World, Thursdays, 3-5

This class will create recipes from Mexico, China, Poland, Brazil, Italy and France. Students will gain valuable cooking skills while exploring various cultures and culinary customs.

Soup Kitchen, Every Second Saturday of the Month, 10-2

Each week, youth work at a local soup kitchen to plan, cook, serve and clean up a lunch meal. This is a really hands-on service project!

Girlz Can!, Wednesdays, 2:30-4:00

For girls in 6-8th grades. Brings middle school girls together to experience diverse activities, and participate in new kinds of learning. 

EarthTeens, Wednesdays, 3-5

EarthTeens is a youth-run inkjet cartridge recycling business. Midcoast teens work to reduce inkjet cartridge waste disposal by collecting cartridges and mailing them to a company that recycles them. Learn basic business skills while studying environmental issues.

Rock City Rollers, Saturdays, 9-10

Teens learn guitar, drums and keyboard in a fun, informal setting. Youth who already play an instrument, as well as those who want to start at the beginning, are welcome to participate. This is a great, low-commitment way to check out a new interest!

Youth Advisory Board, Tuesdays, 3-5

Youth Advisory Board (YAB) members recognize and reward youth volunteers for their contributions, and ensure that Youthlinks is a place where all teens feel welcome. The YAB is currently participating in a project where teens are learning about the grant making and giving process and will oversee issues involving the development of the youth web page at Youthlinks. 

Tobacco-Free Teens, Fridays, 2:30-4:30

Tobacco-Free Teens is a tobacco-prevention program aimed at educating local communities and youth about the effects of tobacco addiction. During this session youth will design a traveling educational exhibit to help spread the word to others about the dangers of tobacco; design the Tobacco Free Teens page for the Youthlinks website; and develop skits to educate younger youth about the dangers of tobacco.

TechnoTeens, Thursdays, 3-4:30

Do the layout and design of the submissions to Youthlinks’ Youth Web Page. This is an activity for youth who have good web design skills and for those who want to learn “on the job.” 

Teens for Tots, Fridays, 3-5

Teens learn about care and responsibility for young children by mentoring the children at the YMCA day care. Youth develop and lead activities with the day care children. 

Office Opportunities, Fridays, 3-4:30

Help with the many tasks it takes to keep Youthlinks running smoothly. Assist Katrina with mailings, copying, telephones, and more!

Bulgaria Buddies, Wednesdays, 2:30-4:00

We’ll be exchanging letters and emails with a group of teens who want to practice their English and learn more about American youth. You will learn the Cyrillic alphabet and some Bulgarian words. Learn about the kids who live in an orphanage there, and decide how we want to show our support for them.

Walk on the Wild Side, Tuesdays, 2:30-4:30

Track animals, build shelters from forest materials, learn the language of birds and eat wild plants. This course will lead you on excursions to diverse wild lands known for their beauty. This activity is being offered only to the students at Appleton Village school during this session.

Directions, Wednesdays, 3-5

The Directions program helps youth learn and develop interpersonal skills that can be used at home, at school and in the community. These skills include relationships and trust building; building self-respect and self-confidence;  communicating in a respectful and clear way, both in speaking and in listening; and problem solving and decision making. These skills are developed through service and outdoor activities.

Community Spirit, Saturdays, times vary

Teens participate in a diverse range of community activities. Teens will volunteer in different capacities at local fairs, festivals, conferences, and performances. 

Tiger Pals, Mondays 3-4:15 or Thursdays, 3:15-4:30

High School student “Bigs” meet weekly with grade school student “Littles” for group activities and individual mentoring. Matches play games, work on homework, complete art projects, or just discuss their days together. 

Registration: Session registration is on a first-come, first-served basis. If your son or daughter has already been participating in Youthlinks programs, simply print and mail in the registration form. If he/she is new to Youthlinks, you must schedule an introductory meeting. This meeting takes about 1/2 an hour and includes a tour of the facility, discussion of our programs, and the completion of paperwork. Please call Katrina at 594-2221 to schedule.

Please print and mail the registration form to:


420 Broadway

Rockland, ME 04841