When Removing Tooth An Emergency

Some people still do this. They do not panic. They do not fuss. When a tooth becomes bothersome, they just yank it out already. Of course, that might have been quite easy to do because perhaps this was a loose tooth. But the warnings were there all along. Just a gentle nudge and you could already feel that something was just not right with the tooth. It was already starting to come a little bit loose at the back. But what did they do?

emergency tooth extraction in Cartersville

Oh, nothing, they just left it be. Until one day it became so loose. It was that easy. It would have been irritating and inconvenient to leave that loose tooth just dangling like that. So that’s all that was needed then. Just a gentle tug. And poof! The tooth was gone! Problem solved, not so? Not so, actually. Rather leave it up to the dentist to do this work. Of course, it’s a different ballgame when it comes down to a real emergency tooth extraction in Cartersville.

The tooth is at one point far from becoming loose. But it could get to that point if left unattended to in the correct manner. And by that read going to the dentist already. But so it turns out that many people still choose not to do so. They would much rather brave it out by taking over the counter painkiller medication to dim one of the worst pains imaginable. Anyone who has ever had a toothache would be able to tell you that.

It is excruciating! But this too is also the first signs that the tooth is about to decay still further. And as it is allowed to do so, it ultimately becomes loose. And by that time, it’s best that the dentist does the tooth removal.