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What is an MRI?

MRI stands for magnetic resonance imaging. And the stand up mri near me in East Brunswick is a medical imaging technique that is utilised in radiology in order to produce pictures of the human body and its physiological processes. The scanners are utilising strong magnetic fields. They are also making use of magnetic field gradients and radio waves in order to encourage images of the human body’s organs.

Rest assured that during the MRI process no X rays are being used although it has to be said that the risk of radiation emission remains rather low. Hazards of ionizing radiation are under control. The MRI scan is regarded as a better option than the standard CT scan. It remains widely in use in pretty much all medical environments. Also note that the MRI reveals different information than the CT. But there are still risks.

If they are not inherently risks, they are inconveniences. But what does it matter if the object of the exercise is to be healthy and well. Nevertheless, it is not unusual for certain patients to experience some discomfort during the MRI. The scans also take longer than the CT version. Patients who do not enjoy being trapped within confined spaces may find the MRI discomforting. Oh, and there is noise too, would you believe.

stand up mri near me in East Brunswick

MRI is associated with nuclear physics but any reference to nuclear activity remains a case for non-disclosure in the sense that the industry does not wish to harbour negativity over the use of the scan. Pulses of radio waves encourage a nuclear energy spin. Magnetic field gradients localize the polarization in space. Parameters of pulse sequences are varied while different contrasts may be generated between tissues based on relaxation properties of hydrogen atoms inclosed.