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Two Key Implants And It’s Positive Outcomes

The two key implants generally utilised by the prosthodontist are that of the endosteal (also known as the endosseous) and the subperiosteal. But although the subperiosteal dental implants in Louisville are not used nearly as often as the preferred endosseous/endosteal implants, it still has its positive outcomes. There are good reasons why prosthodontists recommend the subperiosteal implants for their patients.

Nevertheless, the range of custom-built dental implants that branch off of these two key implants will encompass different coatings, connectors and sizes as the case may be for the patient being treated by the prosthodontist. Needless to say that a variety of implant placement methods will be projected. But currently, the endosteal is now the most commonly utilised dental implant. They are also utilised as alternatives to the more traditional bridge or denture.

Components utilised in endosteal-type dental implants include (threaded) screws (smoothed) cylinders or blades. Whilst the prosthodontist is always positioned to advise his patient what type of dental implant suits her best, the endosteal implants are generally safe and effective. Preparing for the endosteal implant requires drilling into the jawbone. This is done so that a titanium screw can be placed.

This unique screw will then act as an artificial root. Before treatment can be completed, a period of waiting, healing is required. It is during this time that soft tissue and bone need to heal. It usually takes a couple of months for the healing process to be completed. Now, as far as positive outcomes go, endosteal implants are famous for its ability to provide stability. The end result for patients is that their new implants look and feel as natural as real teeth.

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Of course, it goes without saying that real teeth would have to be healthy too.